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*Recent New 5/23/12

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*Recent New 4/7/10

Check out our new piece from Posing Show Productions, titled "Death Before Dishonor"

*Recent New 12/2/09

Check out my new Youtube Channel Put a Fish in It! Click Here

*Recent News 11/23/09

My work is included in an upcoming Watson. Guptill book being released March 2010 titled Digital Art Revolution by Scott Ligon.

*Recent News 3/16/09

Check out our new Youtube video about my collaboration with Christine Julin Shanks on our new venture Posing Show Productions Click Here

*Recent News 1/7/09

Check out my new youtube Channel Click Here

*Recent News 3/5/08

Link to City Paper Review on the Vinylmore Show Click Here

*Recent News 2/23/08

I designed a toy for the upcoming Vinylmore show at Atomic Pop opening March 7th 2008 at 8pm. For a sneak peek at my toy see image below.

*Recent News 11/25/07

Incognegro release date is February 6 2008

*Recent News: 8/26/07

I was just awarded the academic title of Professor by the faculty promotion committee and the executive promotion board of the Art Institute of Philadelphia.

*Recent News: 7/25/07

I recently completed a cover for DC Comic's Vertigo line titled Incognegro written by Mat Johnson. Look for it in February 2008.

*Recent News: 1/4/07

Click on Bio to view my updated Curriculum Vitae.

*Recent News: 11/13/05

Join Duclaw Brewing Company on November 9th or 10th for the release of Devils Milk-Barleywine. My image appears on all the signage and t-shirts.

*Recent News: 8/28/05

With the popularity of the Da Vinci Code, Dc Comics has decided to re-release "Chiaroscuro, The Private Lives of Leonardo Da Vinci" in a collected trade paperback. The edition will include all ten of my covers. Release date: October

*Recent News: 2/24/05

Great News! I was just informed I received an Individual Artist Award in Photography for 2005 from the Maryland State Arts Council.

*Recent News: 12/9/04

Greetings, the 2005 American Library Associations nominations have just been announced
and "In the Shadow of Edgar Allan Poe" has been nominated in the Young Adult Horror category.
We are in good company, with the likes of Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, Stephen King,
Alice Sebold, Ray Bradbury and R.L. Stine

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